John is a great a young    talent.

Steve Cohen "Millionaires Magician"

About Me
 Welcome to McIntyremagic. My name is John McIntyre, I live in Brooklyn, NY and I am a magician. I do many different types of magic, such as walk around, table hopping, parlour, stage and more. I have been doing magic for seven years now (I'm thirteen). I am an active member of the S.Y.M (Society of Young Magicians) and the I.B.M (International Brotherhood of Magicians). I have put my own spin on the beautiful art of magic and try to make it personal and relatable for everyone. I have performed in many different places such as, my school talent show, birthday parties, golf clubs, volunteering at a school and even a bar! Whether it's kids or adults, everyone will enjoy. I hope I am able to spread my love for the art of magic with you!​​